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Founder Members. The following first trustees of the PMSS Trust are known as founder members of PMSS:

Col. R.K. Gosain
Smt. Girishma Parihar
Sh. Ram Swaroop Meena

Other Members. Any individual subscribing to the objectives of the Trust may become a member subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees, having good character as defined by normal social and ethical standards. Membership of the trust will be based on need basis, individual commitment and faith in trust purpose. It will be subject to approval of the board of trustees only.

Honorary membership shall be limited to individuals such as scholars, spiritual and/or religious leaders and dignitaries. This exclusive honour shall be granted for a two year-term by the Board of Trustees at its discretion. Honorary members can be reappointed by the Board of Trustees.

The decision of the trustees will be final in all such matters.

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People who worship Maai Pitambra have seen miracles happening in their lives. Many have cleared their court cases, solved property disputes, got rid of dreaded diseases, given birth to children after a very long wait and got solutions to their problems.

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