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Executive Committee

This committee will be constituted only when the Trust work increases many fold or the requirement is felt for the same. This Committee shall consist of a president, vice presidents, secretaries, and treasurers. The immediate past president of the Executive Committee shall be a member ex-officio of the Executive Committee. Members of the Executive Committee may be appointed every year by the Board of Trustees, as per the requirement, from the membership. They may also be removed at any time at the discretion of the Board of Trustees. The initial term of executive members shall be two years only. The Executive Committee, in addition to having overall responsibility for the day to day running of the Trust, shall have additional functions as enshrined in the Bye laws.

Special Committees

Special committees shall be appointed by the Board of Trustees as needed. These committees will dissolve when their assigned duties have been completed. These are:

Audit Committee

​ This committee is formed to carry out audit of the accounts of the trust of the past year.

Nominating and Election Committee​

The trustees will also act as members of the Nominating and Election committee also.

Other Committees​​

Other special committees may be formed from time to time as seen necessary by the Board of Trustees.

Bylaws Committee​

Shall determine the need for amendment of the Bylaws and will submit their recommendations to the Board.

Social Committees​​

The Board shall appoint Social Committees for various activities which will be undertaken by the trust to fulfil the objectives of the trust.

Long Range Planning Committee​​

Initially, the founding members will constitute this committee. The Board may appoint such a committee later-on as when the need arises which shall develop proper guidelines for all committees of the Board to function effectively.
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